Why Building A Team Should Be Your Goal

When you’re getting started investing in real estate one of the most important decisions you make is building a team.

Let’s face it. Most people believe they can wear all the hats in this industry, and those people will quickly find themselves burned out, exhausted, and worse of all, not closing profitable deals!

Having a real estate investing business is like coaching a game of football. You need a team in order to win!

Can you imagine yourself looking for deals, raising capital, inspecting, doing the paperwork, negotiating, and more all on your own?

That’s a beginners nightmare! 

This is what keeps a vast majority of wanna be investors out of the game.

They believe they can do everything by themselves.

That is the wrong way to go about investing. The best way for you to win in real estate is for you to focus on building a team!

Here’s an example of team building that happened at Ultimate Partnering in 2019.

Will had recently joined RE Mentor to further his real estate education, and within a few weeks we held the annual Ultimate Partnering event.

As Will put it: “I’m in this with both feet!”

He had purchased a regular ticket but decided to upgrade to VIP while checking in.

While Will was in line mingling with the other VIPs’ he met sponsors, investors, and partners in 10 minutes on his first day at UP2019!

That is almost unheard of! Can you think of a place where you would have access to these connections for 3 whole days?

Will actually said it best: “We’re making the connections we need right here [Ultimate Partnering].”

The truth is, you’ll never realize the full potential of your investing business until you get out there and begin meeting and discussing with others how you can help each other grow.

At Ultimate Partnering you’ll be able to find people willing to work with you from all over the country! Helping you in ways you didn’t know you needed!

Begin building your team today! 

Tips on building your real estate team:

Look for people who can do what you can’t. If you’re a syndicator in the making here’s a few examples:

  • Multi-Family Brokers
  • Property Managers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Contractors
  • Property Inspectors

If this sounds intimidating, just remember this…

You’re not paying them to connect with you. You’re creating a relationship that can become a helping bridge when you’re working on your next deal. On the other hand, these new connections you make could be bringing the deals to you!

Stop wasting time trying to push this boulder by yourself! 

Begin building your team now! 

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