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When you get right down to it, networking can seem almost too self-serving—one person tries to make as many contacts as possible just so those contacts can do something for him or her.

Rather than thinking solely about what others can do for “me”, think about what we can do for each other and for each others’ businesses. This is what helps form the connection you need.

Making a true two-way connection might require a little more work than simply shoving your business card at a potential partner, but the partnership opportunities are well worth the effort.

So make sure you follow this checklist:

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 Allow others to open up and talk freely. Give them your undivided attention even if it is just for a few minutes. Show interest in what is being said by nodding or agreeing.

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1. Cultivate your connections to make money:

You need to project an image of approachability, understanding, and knowledge. Be genuine and be yourself. Express interest in everyone you meet; remember names, and listen attentively as people speak with you. Try to understand their needs and determine how you could assist each other. Building trust is a vital component of relationship-building (i.e., connecting!).

2. Make small talk:

Having the ability to talk to anyone about anything is a valuable skill. It is also crucial for making lasting, profitable connections. If you can initiate a conversation, you are more likely to meet people who will turn out to be lasting, profitable contacts. Small talk can sometimes be difficult to muster up, so try to always have a few small talk ideas at the ready to use in any kind of situation (examples: Where are you from? or How did you get started?).

3. Be an active listener:

Networking to connect is not just about selling yourself or your business. It is also about listening to the other person and showing him or her that you are truly interested. Allow others to open up and talk freely. Give them your undivided attention even if it is just for a few minutes. Show interest in what is being said by nodding or agreeing. Try to use positive body language—face the person you are speaking with, and make eye contact.

4. Be a giver:

When you focus on helping others, you too will receive. Do you like people who just seem to take take take, but never give? I don’t. When you are generous, people will notice and respect you. And, most people would rather do business with people they respect, trust, and like. Being a giver is not that hard. Try some simple things like acting as a host at events you attend. Do this is by connecting others. Either introduce two people to each other (very easy) or provide a testimonial about a person you admire to the entire group (easy). These acts allow you to focus on others while also building solid equity among your peers. Be a giver and everyone wins.

5. Stay positive:

Try to have a happy, congenial demeanor upon walking in the door. People tend to flock toward those who appear energetic, positive, and outgoing. Remember– people enjoy doing business with people they like, so be a person who others like. Also, leave your problems at the door. Whatever you do, don’t talk about your problems. People have enough problems of their own. Focus on the positive and strive to make people forget their own troubles while in your presence.

6. Don’t sell:

Connecting is not about trying to push your agenda. It is about building relationships with people. Once you’ve made a connection, those people will likely be happy to tell others about you and what you do. Word of mouth and the words of others are so much more valuable than you talking about your own accomplishments. Take every chance you possibly can to let others know what you do and who you are. Try it and see—it’s definitely more powerful than giving a new contact your standard elevator speech or sales pitch.

7. Get creative with your follow up:

Most people send an email to follow-up with new connections. It’s definitely the easiest and quickest way to follow up. But why not stand out after the event by hand-writing a thank you card or note. Whichever method you choose, make sure to mention something from your conversation.

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Here’s an example of what you can expect at Ultimate Partnering 2020…

This is Rob Rowsell. He currently owns over 500 apartment units. 

He used to be a wholesaler, then moved into flipping houses and after taking a few courses with RE Mentor he got started investing in apartments.

Every year Rob comes to Ultimate Partnering to network, but it’s not your average networking.

It’s Rob’s 3rd time at a UP event because of the level of relationships that he creates at Ultimate Partnering. It’s unlike any other…

A lot of the people Rob has done deals with he met at Ultimate Partnering, and in 2019 he returned looking for the right relationship where he can partner in and place his “1031” money. – That could’ve been you!

Rob joins Ultimate Partnering to exposes himself to the next level of real estate. This is where he sharpens his real estate education with courses and lectures from experts who have already accomplished what he is seeking to do.

This is how Rob advances his real estate business, by surrounding himself with people seeking to invest in real estate from all angles, and at Ultimate Partnering, Rob creates the opportunities his business needs

Are you creating opportunities like Rob? Or will you wait for one to fall out of the sky?

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